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Scan Optics SO-300 (Scan Optics)

Scan Optics SO-300 Series High Volume Scanner, Best of show AIIM 2004        


The SO 300 Series High-Volume Scanner
  Put Enterprise Class Capture to Work for Your Organization 

               SO 300 Series

  The SO 300 Series sets a new standard in robust performance, affordability and flexibility. Rated at 300 pages per minute, the SO 300 provides the means to increase throughput, and improve productivity and profitability. Higher speed, less downtime and less need for operator intervention make the SO 300 the scanner of choice for high-volume document processing. Best of all, the SO 300 is upgradeable, to easily accommodate future needs at minimal cost. 
  The SO Series’ innovative design was awarded a United States patent in 2008. The patent protects the scanner’s multi-processor architecture, which supports the rich features and functionality of the machine, including the ability to read patch codes, barcodes, MICR and other reference documents, to produce high-quality color images, and to sort documents into multiple stackers. 

  Developed by Scan-Optics, for 40 years the pioneer and leader in in-line recognition solutions, the SO 300 series is backed by a nationwide network of certifed field engineers and a highly
experienced central technical support organization.

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  See how the SO 300 stacks up:

  • 300 ppm @ 200 dpi in color, grayscale, bi-tonal and dual-stream
  • 1200 images per minute in dual-stream mode
  • Designed for on-site customization and upgrades
  • ISIS & TWAIN drivers for compatibility with most capture applications
  • Superior mixed document handling
  • Continuous feed for higher throughput
  • Automatic batching
  • Built-in real time image enhancement
  • Patented system to detect double feeds
  • Open architecture for maximum flexibility
  • Optional in-line OCR
    • Runs at full rated speed (300 ppm)
    • OCR/ICR/OMR, multi-font and handprint capabilities
    • 1D & 2D barcode reading
    • Sorting pockets
    • Intelligent inkjet
  • Optional multi-pocket stacker capability
  • Optional combined hardware & software barcode and patchcode reading

 Scan Optics SO-300 Series High Volume Scanner Historical Timeline

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